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Day Tours From Reykjavik

A journey into the magical world of Iceland is considered among the most fascinating things to do in a lifetime. The seemingly cold and wild land of Iceland is often viewed as an almost exotic destination, with untouched natural environment and adventures that cannot be experienced elsewhere. Natural wonders and stunning landscapes, doubled by inciting activities and a unique culture create the perfect combination that so many travelers dream about. For someone just arriving in the capital of Reykjavik, there are plenty of things to see and do, but mostly feel. Apart from the long adventures into the wilderness of Iceland, there are also extremely fascinating day tours from Reykjavik that offer unforgettable experiences. Leaving the Reykjavik apartments, travelers can uncover the wild beauty of Iceland.

As accommodation in Iceland is very easy to find and often above the usual quality, there is one thing left; choosing a day tour from Reykjavik into the heart of Iceland. One of the most famous and popular day tours from the capital is known as the Golden Circle, a unique journey that links the most beautiful and interesting attractions of inner Iceland, returning to Reykjavik after about 300 km. The Golden Circle tourist route connects three major attractions of Iceland and passes through some amazing landscapes, its highlights consisting of the Thingvellir National Park, with its insightful historical site of the Icelandic First Parliament back in 930 and other impressive sights, the splendid waterfall of Gullfoss with its majestic beauty and the incredible geysers of Geysir and Strokkur, the latter being still active and offering an impressive spectacle.

There are also many other interesting day tours from Reykjavik, like a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon. Located fairly close to the capital, this makes for a great experience in Iceland, with its spa that has become known in the whole world. In the middle of a lava field, the Blue Lagoon spa is more of a spiritual experience, although bathing in the warm waters does have many health benefits. With splendid and majestic volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls, the south coast of Iceland is also a great destination from Reykjavik, as travelers can experience the unique beauty of this country. Iceland is also the perfect place for whale watching expeditions, as well as a marvelous opportunity to see the incredible Northern Lights. Overall, there are countless day tours from Reykjavik and immense choices to be amazed and fascinated.


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