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Combine LuxApart and Rental Car

The great majority of international travelers arriving in Iceland and Reykjavik particularly have just several options on getting around the wonderful and wild island. As one of the most enticing and fascinating destination in the world, there are millions who dream of visiting Iceland at one moment, but few know where to start. Arriving at the Keflavik International Airport, the best option would be to rent a car, as this allows the maximum level of freedom and access to most attractions of Iceland. As for accommodation in Iceland, a great choice is the LuxApart guesthouse Reykjavik with its amazing location and luxury, yet comfortable amenities. Combining the LuxApart accommodation with a rent a car service is the perfect option when visiting Reykjavik and Iceland.

Among the comfortable stay Iceland offers, the LuxApart has plenty of features to appeal to both business and leisure travelers. The luxury apartments are located in a quiet area, close to the center of Reykjavik, offering a luxurious but comfortable experience to people who wish to visit the city or other attractions of Iceland. The Reykjavik apartments have been recently opened and include all the necessary amenities and services to make the guests satisfied at the utmost level. There are a total of 8 studio apartments that include everything from king sized beds to private bathrooms and kitchenette, some even feature balconies. For the ultimate experience in luxury and comfort, the LuxApart Reykjavik apartments offer a mix of excellent location, privacy, easy access, modern design and amenities, as well as a pleasant ambiance.

The LuxApart guesthouse Reykjavik is located about 10 minutes away from the city center and 40 minutes from the airport, so the best option for travelers who truly wish to explore the country is to rent a car. There are plenty of companies to choose from the roads of Iceland are truly worth driving on, offering unforgettable views of the majestic natural wonders. Combining a rental car and a luxury comfortable accommodation in Iceland is the best idea one could think of, allowing the exploration of this magical destination at your own preference. The LuxApart guesthouse Reykjavik offer plenty of free parking spaces, acting as the perfect starting base for trips to the capital or the countryside.


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