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Reykjavik Bar Summit

While visiting the ever surprising capital of Iceland, there are certainly many places to see and things to experience, from the cultural heritage of the city itself to the unbelievable adventures that can start from Reykjavik. As one of the trendiest and liveliest cities in the world, it hosts an incredible array of events, festival and shows that give it a unique vibe. In 2016, between February 29th and March 4th, Reykjavik will feature the amazing Bar Summit, an event that will bring the best of bars and bartending to the capital of Iceland. More than just an exhibition, the 2016 Bar Summit is a state of mind, an unforgettable experience for participants and visitors alike, offering a deeply entertaining atmosphere. Although there is also an extremely professional and prestigious competition involved, the whole event provides a lot of exciting moments.

For those who wish to visit the splendid 2016 Reykjavik Bar Summit, the city offers a lot of accommodation options and anyone can book guesthouse in Iceland. As for the event, there are a lot of different things happening each day, with bars and bartenders arriving from every corner of the world. The best of the industry will be present in Reykjavik, meeting and competing in a very relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. The competition will include drink preparation, bar setup, creativity, ambiance and much more, allowing each participant to show their best features. Filled with unbelievable innovation each year, the Reykjavik Bar Summit hosts both the legends of the trade, but also newcomers and rising stars. It will be truly a pleasure to watch these competitions for anyone visiting the city, a unique chance to admire the talented bartenders and famous bars of the world.

One of most prestigious competition of this kind in the world, the 2016 Reykjavik Bar Summit will not only feature the tough competition, but also plenty of opportunities to party and meet other people from around the world. There will be guest shift at select bars, welcome and ending parties, surprise excursions and much more. The whole city will be on fire with colorful cocktails and impressive talent shows, an incredible experience for all who take part. It will bring the world to Reykjavik, offering yet another reason to visit the capital of Iceland. If this outstanding event is something you could enjoy, there are plenty of guesthouse Reykjavik and Reykjavik apartments to choose from while visiting the city. The Bar Summit promises to be one of the highlights of 2016 in the capital of Iceland, making it even more vibrant and thrilling than usual.

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